A New kind of Leap of Faith for me.

While in Argentina my husband, Dave Albano fulfilled a huge personal goal of climbing Mt. Aconcagua.  It took three weeks to accomplish. In that time I would be on my own with my two boys to experience Argentina as much as possible and still be back in Mendoza to meet Dave when he got off the mountain.  Some might be overwhelmed by being a woman traveling alone with kids in a new country where the language is not her own.  Sure, we had come equipped with our “tourist” Spanish and a lot of Spanglish. There were many  moments when this really wasn’t enough.

I had intended to stay in Western Argentina and explore some areas that I thought would be interesting for both my boys and myself.  My kids are five and seven years old so, things were PG to say the least. Within three days of Dave being gone on his excursion I found myself in San Juan with two sick kids in a hotel room.  It was awful just being sick but I had to change our plans due to their dehydration, the extreme heat and long travel days that were intended. The trip was supposed to fun, not make a bad situation worse. When they were healthy enough to travel again, we took the bus 2.5 hours south back to Mendoza. We checked into what turned out to be a very nice hotel. Good thing too. This was the time that I got sick for a couple of days. So travel was postponed whether I would choose to or not. Now what?

Patagonia looked more and more amazing the more I read about it. I hadn’t read it earlier because I didn’t expect to be crossing the country until after Dave was back. I’m looking at pictures of the ocean, a huge variety of wild life and tour options that were accessible and kid friendly. I had to go for it.  I must admit that I did have butterflies in my belly, but I was also very excited. I’ve never done any sort of traveling of this caliber on my own and certainly not with kids. As soon as I was better I went to the bus station and booked the 25 hour bus ride to Patagonia.  I had no idea how the kids would endure such a trip but I really hoped it would be worth it.

As soon as I saw the ocean I knew I made the right decision. I was so proud of myself for choosing to do something far out of my comfort zone. The reward was immediate and huge. My kids were so excited. They started looking for Orcas right away. Silly kids. They traveled so well and didn’t seem to notice how long we were on that bus. Once we got to Patagonia, it was like the bus ride didn’t happen. We did nothing but look forward to planning some amazing experiences. If I didn’t trust myself to simply take the chance, I would never have felt the immense satisfaction of knowing that I could pull it off. Sounds simple but truly, I packed up my kids on a bus in a foreign country that doesn’t speak my language and crossed it clear to the other side.  It was a life changing moment for me when I reached my destination knowing that I just did something I would never have thought possible before.