A new resource for Healing

For  a long time I have admired and appreciated the bravery and honesty of Faith Allen on Blooming Lotus.  Her story and her journey of healing is heartbreaking to amazingly inspirational.  The topics she writes on and the candid, open way in which she discusses them opened my eyes to just how necessary it is to talk about childhood sexual abuse.  I started this blog with the intent of helping to raise awareness around this subject and, in telling my story, help others to understand that they are not alone.  The depth of discussions on Blooming Lotus also gave me the courage to dig deeper and find the words that would more closely reflect my experiences and the emotional fallout from those experiences.  Thank you for that Faith.

In following Blooming Lotus, I have been blessed with the opportunity to follow the transition from that blog to Lori’s Song.  It’s a blog that is about healing after childhood sexual abuse but it also has an extensive, well thought out forum.  This site is all about moving forward with support and self love.  It also allows for discussions on specific discussions that are private and safe.  Truly, I have not seen such a wonderful site that is specifically for survivors.

As the universe works, the things you need present themselves when you are ready.  As it is, I’ve only recently been able to discuss the topic of orgasms during my personal experiences of sexual abuse.  It’s all new to me and I had never even really recognized what was happening to me back then.  Now that I have been able to face this topic, I find there are new topics surfacing.  Becoming more self aware is lending itself to me feeling a bit isolated again.  This forum is exactly what I need.  I need safe place to toss out these ideas and memories coming back to me now and get some help on how to interpret them.  I also feel that I can learn how to process a lot of other issues and move forward even more than I have already.  I was just telling my husband last night that it may be that I could benefit from therapy again.  I’m not suffering from flashbacks, anxiety or anything like that, it’s just that I need a place to process these things outside of myself.  I think Lori’s Song will be a great beginning for me.  Who knows, maybe this will be all the support I need.

I encourage anyone who has been abused as a child or is currently recovering from abuse to visit this site. Like I said, I’ve not found anything like it before.

double rainbow

double rainbow