Act on your Passion

42 Days of Teresa – day 15

I just love this quote: “Your conviction is a luxury of those on the sidelines.” – Parcher (Beautiful Mind)

I am often very intrigued by those who make spectacular statements of conviction only to reveal that they are often “too busy” to invest much more than words.  I find this especially interesting in social media with the quickly shared or copied memes around inflammatory subjects. Name it- abortion, immunization, religion, politics, nutrition, rape, slut shaming, etc. There are two sides and with any available soapbox, opinions stated a facts run amok.  When asked about information sources, I am no longer surprised to hear vague references to what is ultimately bullshit.

I find myself looking for the company of those that are not on the soap box but quietly and passionately changing the world.  They are not shaming others for having different priorities.  They support others in their passion and find joy in seeing positive changes happen even if it doesn’t personally benefit them.  When people take action and invest time and energy into solving problems bigger than themselves, getting distracted by the noise of those that would object to their passion becomes impossible. These people are my tribe. Thank you.