Breathing is Good.

Finding energy to write about anything other than being sick has been a challenge. My head has been a big ball of goo with a side of throbbing pain. I’m finally back to 93% ands can process more information beyond where the Kleenex box is.

I’ve had lots to manage despite being sick. There a no sick days for moms and sometimes that proves to be a challenge for the entire household. The quality of dinner has definitely been lacking. I’m happy to report that everyone is still alive thanks to frozen pizza and leftovers.

The most prominent juggling act has been around hockey. Timbit hockey has been very good for my six year old, but the time and volunteer commitment is well more than I anticipated. As I look forward to next season I realize that having two boys to coordinate around hockey will be nothing short of a magic show. I don’t know how other parents do this along with school, family and personal commitments and any other extra activities. My decision to homeschool does bring me a huge amount of relief. I think I’ll be able to build in downtime and learning opportunities throughout our days without the structure of the school schedule to worry about. Hockey will be a lot more fun for everyone without the stressed out mom fretting about being late for the next activity if I get more than 2 red lights on the way. I may even have time to create dinners that the kids will enjoy instead of roll their eyes at. That too will be a magic show, if not a perfect miracle.

Besides sports I’ve working through some behavioral issues with my six year old. Being a very sensitive child that is also strong willed creates room for meltdowns that effect everyone around him. Most recently it been on the school bus. He was annoyed by a kid on the bus that was teasing him. Did he ask him to stop? Did he move to another seat? Nope. He punches the kid straight in the face without a word. A nosebleed was the result and the bus driver had to pull over, clean up both the kid and the area of the bus he was bleeding all over and of course, separate the kids. Go big or go home right? Well, it was go home. He was immediately not allowed to ride the bus until certain meetings and discussions were had. Time to breath again. I must say, I can pat myself on the back a little for not freaking out on my little cherub and making things much, much worse. I was of course, disappointed and embarrassed. I didn’t raise my kid to be some kind of loose canon. My husband and I were able to step back and try to figure out consequences that were both age appropriate and severe enough to ensure this didn’t happen again. We talked for quite awhile and didn’t dole out any consequences until more talks were had with and without said cherub.

Taking the time to step back, breath and approach the situation with a positive attitude was healthy for us all. I can’t say that’s the way things always work out here but, at least for this drastic occurrence we got our composure together. There are three apology letters being written by my son. One to the kid he hit, one to the bus driver and one to the principal. He has to write them himself and the words are his own. (approved by me in the final version) He also lost tv/iPad privileges for several days until we could sort through a few more discussions to ensure he understands the reasons why this can’t happen again. Is it too much to assume that empathy is understood by a 6 year old? Is he sorry he hurt another kid or is he sorry he’s in trouble? It’s hard to know. All we can do is move forward and keep breathing and keep reminding him to consider others before he reacts.