Everything is as it Should Be

I’m still so in awe and appreciate the wonderful way that the universe works. While in Argentina there were a series of events that happened that I thought were “delays” or hassles but they turned out to be blessings.

I thought I had a viable plan to explore Western Argentina for three weeks with my kids. I had some landmarks and parks that I wanted to explore and had packed my bags accordingly. My husband, Dave Albano, was gone for three weeks climbing Mt. Aconcagua so I had only me to rely on to get this right. Shortly after he left the kids and I went to San Juan from Mendoza by bus. I planned on taking the kids a Provincial Park about 4hrs north of San Juan. I went to a local tour office to get the tickets. The tour would be a very long day that would take us to a hot desert similar to the badlands of North America. I thought the experience would be fun and very unique so I was willing to deal with the long bus ride there and back. Both my kids can well appreciate dino fossils and the like. The tour office outlined the agenda and the cost. I was prepared to pay in full but realized they only accepted cash. I was $200 Argentinian Pesos short. (1st roadblock) I take the kids to the bank where I tried to get money out of the banking machine only to be refused based on a limit of 1 withdrawal/day with this particular bank. This had never happened to me before. I was frustrated as it was the end of the business day so, at this point I realized I wouldn’t be able to go on the tour the next day. (2nd roadblock) The kids and I go for dinner and then return to our hotel. Within approximately 3 hours both my boys started down a two day ugly road of illness that essentially had us stuck in our hotel room. Had I actually been able to pay for the tour I would have had no way to cancel the trip based on the timeline and would not have received a refund. Thank you universe for those roadblocks. After the kids were well enough to travel I decided to abandon my original itinerary and head back to Mendoza and take our trip in a completely different direction.

My plan was now to simply get to Mendoza and get the next available bus to Patagonia. It was a long bus ride of 25 hours but I figured if we just got it over with, we’d be a in a fantastic place to explore for at least a week. So, we arrive in Mendoza and head to the ticket office. I ask for three tickets of any level of comfort that will take us to Trelew. It turns out all the buses that day were full. (3rd roadblock that guaranteed at least one night’s stay in Mendoza) The following day there was one bus with three seats but they were very spread out on the bus. I was not comfortable having seats so far away from my 4 and 6 year old kids. I needed then to be at least close to one another. However on the Tuesday, there was a bus with three seats together that had an ideal schedule. Great! I booked it and then found a hotel for the unexpected two nights in Mendoza. I felt very delayed and just a little frustrated despite getting a nice place to stay. Within a few hours I came down with the same horrible illness the kids just got over. I was essentially bed ridden for two days. Had I been able to get my bus tickets immediately like I hoped, I would have been very ill on a highway coach for 25 hours. I couldn’t imagine a worse place to be as sick as I was. Let’s just say that the washrooms are more difficult to deal with than the ones on airplanes. Instead, I was able to recover in a hotel as comfortable as possible. The kids were safe and well entertained.

In taking a few moments to let go of the idea that I “should” have control, and accept things as they happen, could I find comfort. Thank you again for those roadblocks, Universe.