Feeling very Blessed

After my last post I received such a flood of support and love from all directions. I heard from immediate family, friends and people that have been in my life since I was a kid. I find that I am also connecting with other survivors of childhood sexual abuse. I can’t express how important that is to me. These new connections confirm my conviction that the tough process of articulating some of my specific experiences can and will help others.

Thank you so much for all the messages both on the blog, on Facebook and personal messages. It took me several days to process the emotional tidal wave that hit me but in a good way. The gratitude I have for the opportunity to share my story and have it contribute to helping others, is amazing. Raising awareness for childhood sexual abuse is an important part of my life. I feel that I’m part of the process that will be helping survivors to heal and helping others to gain some perspective on some of the many issues that children deal through abusive situations.

Thank you all. I will dig deep and figure out how to share some other thoughts that have been surfacing. This journey is truly a blessing as it is continually changing, moving forward and full of amazing people. xo