Finding Inspiration

Strangely, today came together with a fluidity that brought me forward in many ways. I am feeling satisfied that I finally posted some more details about my abuse. It’s not a pat on the back kind of thing, but more a right of passage kind of thing. My next level of dealing with my past will begin here with the support of my closest friends and family. I feel so blessed to be able to tackle these difficult issues without freaking out those that I rely on the most. Sadly, that happens. I’ve seen it. It’s heartbreaking.

I’m inspired to look for deeper connections with people and allow myself to see what those connections lead to. My inspiration will come from my kids, my husband, my friends both online and in person, the pleasure of feeling the sun warm my face or enjoying a delicious meal at my dining table. I know that even when things get super hard and lead to high levels of anxiety, I’ll get through it. I always do right? When I was kid, I had to survive alone. I don’t feel that way anymore. Thank you.