Forgiving Yourself after Abuse

42 days of Teresa- day 8

I find it so hard when I see or hear of a person that was abused and broken for so long, that they  appear to have lost themselves to the lies told to them, probably for years. When a person loses the capacity to love themselves, that’s where the healing has to begin. A person may be in that beginning for the rest of their lives if they choose to hang on to their past as some sort of definition of who they are in the present. That sort of pain is only healed by the individual. My heart breaks for them too.

My capacity to love is also tempered by my capacity to hold adults accountable for their own behavior now. It’s never too late to be who you always have been. Move forward, love and forgive yourself and you will find a world waiting for you and all that you have to offer. Somewhere it all comes down to love and forgiveness. A person needs to love themselves enough to let old pain go and to find forgiveness for those caused the pain. If, somewhere along your journey you hurt yourself, forgive yourself also. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of people looking for a way to fill the void in their soul without starting with love and forgiveness.

I’m not saying it’s easy. What I’m suggesting is that through forgiveness and gratitude, a solid foundation is created and then anything is possible.  Sometimes it’s about remembering who you really are. You are Love.  Love is never broken.  <3