Get it Together Lady

“Get it Together Lady!”. These are words I’ve been saying to myself for the past few weeks. I came back from Argentina with so much perspective on my own capabilities and lots of ideas to share. Then I became totally overwhelmed by it all and backed away from my blog completely. Very counter productive. I simply have to get back at it. Get it Together and just do it. I’ll be posting more but on a wider variety of topics related to experiences both great and small. I think I got so caught up in the big picture that I forgot to appreciate and express my connection to all those smaller but beautiful aspects of my life. Appreciation for the now. Appreciation for the many blessings I have including my health and my wonderful family. Appreciation of the fact that my friends are the family too. Food, wine, great weather, the mountains and hearing birds singing before I get up in the morning are also blessings that are not lost on me.

My perspective is ever evolving into a place of love and forgiveness and therefore it has become even more important to appreciate all that I have survived. I am looking forward to a world of people that can be conscious enough to recognize that anger and fear are the reason so many things have been misplaced. Finding myself on the other side of abuse, fear and self doubt, I can look back and know that it is a decision I made to survive that got me to where I am. My becoming who I am today took a lot of work and a dedication to myself and finding the belief that I am worth it. I’ve earned my happiness and I have so much love and happiness to share. Balance is key and sometimes I forget that. I have to forgive myself, regroup and Get it Together.

Today I am grateful for those that love me and believe in me and know what I have to offer before I do. Thank you.