Getting connected

Wow! Things have been just moving and shaking this week. The connections and energy coming and going has been nothing short of fun. I find myself a little tired today even though I’ve slept well. As a great friend has described things lately, we’re all together in this quantum soup. I couldn’t agree more Jennifer Hough! I have either connected or reconnected with people in the last couple of days that have seemingly overnight understand what they can do to help with raising awareness around childhood sexual abuse. I have received many compliments over the lifespan of this blog about what I do here, but now others actually want to get involved. Some great ideas have come my way and I see some great synergies happening. Thank you!

The other bunch of connections come from those that have found this website, read some of what’s here and have shared their story. Some of the sharing is by personal message, some in the comments here and some in person. It’s sad that sexual abuse is so common but it is a victory of sorts that people are willing to talk about it. I feel so blessed that I can be a part of your journey and that I can help with finding those words so you can move forward.
lady bugs I feel that heading into the holidays,this year, I’m feeling fine. I’ve got tons to look forward to in 2013 and with the amount of support that is coming, anything is possible! I look forward to opening my home to some good friends and enjoying some wonderful food, drink and conversation. I look forward to hearing my kids laughing and playing with their friends throughout the season. I will enjoy the upcoming holidays with a sense of gratitude that will blend with all the creative, fun energy that seems to be just about everywhere these days. Thank you to my friends, old and new. Thank you to my family who has supported me through this harrowing process of telling my story. Thank you to my husband and kids for keeping me tuned into the moment and connected to what really matters.

Lots of great stuff happening both emotionally and physically for me and I look forward to sharing it with absolutely everyone. My heart is full and I’m just riding a cosmic wave right now.