Getting Happy with the Happy Book

I’ve decided to delve into the silly, happy side of things. I’m participating in sharing circle facilitated by a super, positive woman, Jamie Ridler.

I’ll be posting “random” ideas related to happiness, gratitude and sometimes just plain silliness.  The “random” ideas are suggested my Jamie and the book, “The Happy Book” by Rachel Kempster and Meg Leder.  This week’s assignment is to list some songs that will get me dancing and feeling great. Here goes.

1. Lose Yourself- Eminem

2. Rude Boy- Rhianna

3. Raspberry Swirl-Tori Amos

4. Bizarre Love Triangle- New Order

5. Temperature- Sean Paul

6. I don’t want to miss a thing- Aerosmith (my wedding song)

There are tons more but these are a good sampling. I feel my groove thang kickin’ in now!

I highly recommend taking deliberate time to be Happy. Feel free to check out what Jamie Ridler is up to help you find your Happy Place.