Happy 2013!


So with Christmas came a house full of sick people. Both my kids and my husband all became quite ill with fevers, severe headaches and chest colds. Although I remained healthy, it was quite a sad scene here at home. I enjoyed the turkey feast leftovers I prepared on Christmas Eve, but it was mainly fluids and toast for everyone else.

Even with this non ideal situation, we made the best of it. We spent lots of time watching holiday movies, playing board games or simply reading. No work was done in the office and that was a nice break too. Sleep was the most important thing and it seemed that no one slept at the same time for very long. Both boys essentially missed their first hockey tournaments of the season. It was a disappointment that was mostly felt by me. They were far too sick to consider leaving the house let alone play hockey. I had to let that go and accept that there are many other tournaments and hockey fun to be had this season. I think I was bored and really wanted something to do. Hockey has been a lot of fun this year with both boys.

This holiday season wasn’t fun for any of us but it was a week to be together and look after one another. There was nothing on the schedule but to get healthy again. As we talk about what we want to do in 2013 I realize that things are going to be simple this year. Simple but fulfilling. Staying close to home for the most part and appreciating our local day to day opportunities, will be a big focus.

I see things evolving organically this year. My connecting with those that want to help others seems to be happening more and more frequently and intensely. Projects will be centered around raising awareness about childhood sexual abuse, focussing on being healthy, mentally and physically and allowing my energy to flow to serve the best me. I feel myself letting go of so many belief systems simultaneously. I thought this would be a more upsetting process but it seems to be simplifying things and generally leaving me relieved and happy. It turns out that what little sentiment I had for some things is easily replaced with the joy of letting limiting ideas go. Being open to possibility creates opportunities that I would not have recognized before. I’m ready to embrace what comes my way. Thank you in advance, Universe. <3