Be Brave Ranch- A place of Healing

I had an idea that would create a positive place for those that have survived childhood sexual abuse to heal. There would be a huge connection to nature and access to programs that would help rebuild a survivor’s self esteem. There would be workshops and resources available to facilitate a safe and loving environment so the world and relationships in that world would be positive and full of love and support. This would entail an organization that would essentially be a foundation dedicated to childhood sexual abuse survivors. It would take a lot of time, dedication and even more money. As my vision became clear I also discovered that Little Warriors was having the same idea. The universe had presented to me a way for me to contribute to something so congruent with what I already had in mind and a huge opportunity to help make that idea a reality.



In assisting Little Warriors the creation of the Be Brave Ranch will be a reality and wonderful place of healing for many survivors.  Glori Meldrum is the founder and chair of the Little Warriors non for profit organization that is dedicated to the prevention of child sexual abuse. The recent project of creating the Be Brave Ranch will be dedicated to the healing of child victims as well as helping adults that survived their childhood abuse but haven’t necessarily figured out how to move forward emotionally.

Little Warriors vision for Be Brave Ranch is this:

To provide sanctuary, a holistic place of healing aimed at the MIND, BODY, HEART and SPIRIT of child victims, their families, and adult survivors of child sexual abuse.