Healthy Choices

I feel compelled to move forward on some personal goals now that my kids are a bit older. They still need lots of facilitation but are great friends that play very well together. That has given me time to myself. It’s a wonderful feeling. It’s been so long. Not only do I want to do more work on this blog, but I’m all revved up achieving some fitness goals as well as becoming more clear about the book I want to write. It’s a lot but, I know I don’t have to do it all at once. I still have lots to do with the kids as I’m still enjoying homeschooling and ensuring the kids participate in things like Scouting and organized sports.

As I look forward to what I can personally achieve, I am loving the idea of focussing on fitness and nutrition. It has been a big part of my life for about 20 years now. The nutrition more so back then as I used to be a little skinny-mini. I took fitness for granted because I didn’t realize that being thin didn’t necessarily mean I was healthy. I stopped cooking with salt about 20 years ago and started enjoying using other seasoning in my food. About 12 years ago I really started learning how the body actually uses the food we eat. I also started making personal goals around preparing new foods. I didn’t like to be bored with my at home cooking simply due to the fact I didn’t “know” any other recipes. I made a goal to prepare at least one new recipe each week. That has spiraled into me loving cooking and being confident in preparing meals for friends and extended family. It’s a pleasure to cook and know that what I’m preparing is healthy and appreciated.

Fitness has been in the last few years as it’s now abundantly clear to me that being thin is not the answer to being healthy. I lacked any kind of endurance, cardio wise and had just about zero muscle tone. I started to understand that an athletic body will go much farther than a simply skinny one. I want to continue to keep up with my kids on all our adventures. I don’t want to be out of breath playing tag or going on long hikes. It is a priority that works well with my passion for great food.

Now, with this extra time I was speaking of, I feel ready to do something more. I’ve started working out diligently with Team Beachbody’s Insanity program. It was brutally tough at first as I haven’t tried a program like that before. The results are definitely worth it. Now I’d like to help others achieve some fitness and/or nutrition goals. I love communicating with and helping others. I hope that I can develop a group of similarly minded people that will also keep me on track. With the holidays coming, I hear lots of talk about the stress of eating well during all the parties. There is the understanding that being out of routine, celebrating and trying to maintain a healthy weight through it all can be overwhelming. I think the common notion is to throw out all the rules and simply get back on track after the holidays. There are lots of wonderful healthy choices to make so you can give yourself an edge through all these festivities. I will be creating another blog that focusses on these sorts of issues. I think this blog still has a purpose that is also super important to me. Mental health and self love are also essential in being healthy in general, but especially after surviving trauma. There’s lots of work still to be done as far as raising awareness for childhood sexual abuse and I am still passionate about contributing to that.

In short, I’m excited about focussing on a healthy lifestyle and hoping that others will get excited with me. If you want to find out more of what I’m excited about feel free to check it out here.

I’ll be posting here mostly related to my healing journey and the thoughts I have around that. Like I said, it’s still abundantly important to me. It also helps me continue on my journey of figuring out the aftermath of what happened to me as a kid. In digging deeper into those issues I also gain a better appreciation for the many blessings I have now.