How can you tell if you have truly Forgiven?

42 Days of Teresa – Day 33

When you wonder to yourself about where you may be on your road to forgiveness, how do you self assess?  For me, the litmus test I use is to take a quick look at something specifically related to your trauma.

Take a few breaths. Pay attention to your body and where you may be feeling any tension or stress.  Think about a specific person or memory related to the situation that you are trying to heal or forgive.  As you move through the memory or think about the relationship, keep breathing and feel where energy is moving through your body. Are you feeling a calm flow and connection to your body?  Are there areas that are becoming more uncomfortable? Where?  Is there an emotion attached to that discomfort?  Can you allow that emotion to move through you or are you shutting down?

When you are able to revisit a specific situation, memory or problematic relationship and your body doesn’t respond with anxiety or stress in a way your used to, you have done some or all of the healing around that idea.  You can move forward and change the internal dialogue you used to have around the trauma.

Now you can say, “I am actively healing my trauma.” That feels so much better than, “I am a victim of _____.”  The energy around the internal dialogue can be comforting and a celebration of your progress.

If you find that you are reacting strongly to the memory, you are still holding that pain physically in your body. Feel where that is. Feel the size, density and how that energy is effecting your physical body around that unhealed wound.  Breath through it, cry (if you need to), allow yourself an authentic reaction to it.  You are whole and you are here.  Observe yourself without judgment and find peace with the understanding that you are exactly where you are meant to be on your journey.