I’ve been gone Too Long

I have been missing writing here. I had a roller coaster of a 2011 followed by a wonderful holiday with my family in Argentina.  It was a time to unplug and be engaged with my family in an amazing country.  I don’t know a single person who has told me that 2011 was a good year for them.  I’m not alone in my happiness that a new year has begun. With it came a whole pile of positive energy to play in.  My time in Argentina gave me lots of opportunity to find clear vision for some goals that I have been working on as well as find some new perspective on my path in life.

The main lesson learned through many bumps in the road is, “Everything is as it should be.”  This mantra has brought me a lot of peace lately and has opened me up to allow life to present itself to me rather than me trying to control and plan everything.  Things that seem to be going “wrong” in the moment turn out to be blessings in the aftermath.  During my travels with my kids there were at least three times that momentary frustration turned into a gratitude to the universe that obviously “has my back”.  Thank you to Jennifer Hough for giving me this phrase. Jennifer has brought me many blessings and I find myself laughing at how many times I read her material and realize we’re echoing each other. Obviously we’re Awesome!  🙂

All those “little things” really are little things.  It’s amazing how the mind can take hold of tedious thoughts and roll them into an inner dialogue of constant chatter. I have become quicker at recognizing my ego hammering away at my trying to stay present. I’m trying to ignore the ego and it’s pissed off.  I find I’m doing better lately which has been a relief on so many levels.  In having several weeks to reconnect with my family, myself and new experiences, I chose to stay connected rather than listen to that chatter that always took me out of my life.  In choosing to stay present, I can focus on my path and who it is that I want to become.  Putting organizations like Little Warriors and projects like Climbing for Kids in my life is going to be HUGE. I plan on raising awareness and getting the issues around childhood sexual abuse known.  I feel that people want to learn and get involved with helping others with problems that used to be “taboo”. I want victims to come forward and know that they are safe and supported in society. They can feel safe because people are talking about their situation and NO ONE is blaming them.  Big things are coming for me and I’m going to make them bigger and pass them on to you!