Learning to ski

Yesterday I had an opportunity to go to our local ski hill at Canada Olympic Park. It’s close, had some cool stuff going on and the kids were really excited to go. “Mom, are you going to ski?” asks both my 6 and 4 year old boys. “I don’t know how”, assuming this will get me off the hook. “I’ll teach you!”, my 4 year old declares. I’m back on the hook and putting on my brave face.

It was just too precious that he would simply offer to teach me. He’s in his second ski season and I hadn’t been on skis in well over 10 years. As I recall, it was a terrifying time and I had no desire to return to the hills. But, I’m a mom with a cute kid who is happy to show me how. I really can’t explain the physical reaction to such a proposition. I had a lump in my throat and my body had lost all grasp of temperature control. My internal dialogue was frantic to find the words to get myself out of this situation. Could I pull this off? Yes, but I just couldn’t imagine why it was necessary. I was truly wigging out. My kids were not letting me off the hook and quite frankly, there was no logical reason why they should have. I allowed myself to be there for my kids even when I was really looking for a way out. I paid for the rentals and made our way to the bunny hill.

One interesting thing was that this was night skiing. I hadn’t been to COP before during the evening. The lighting was cool. The air was just warmer than the arctic and yet the kids hardly seemed to notice. Fine. I follow my 4 year old to the magic carpet that will take me on a gentle grade hill where I will get my first lesson. He was very serious about this teaching role and his being just cute as hell made me much more willing to go along. I practiced my “french fries” and “pizza” and got a few turns in. I actually didn’t fall, which was a pleasant surprise. I made it down the hill about 5 times before both my hands and my sons were very cold. I was feeling pretty good about myself by this point as I really couldn’t believe that I made it down and with my teacher’s approval.

I’m a self-proclaimed control freak. Looking back, the only illogical thing that was keeping me from embracing the opportunity was the possibility that I would embarrass myself. It’s lame, I guess, but I really don’t like attention when I’m not prepared for it. I rationalized that since I really do so much with the kids that I’m should be able to opt out of things if I want.  I can sit on this throne for a good amount of the time, but, I really was disappointing my kids from time to time. I really would have been denying my son the chance to “teach” me and feel so proud that I could do what he instructed me to do. I sucked it up and it really was a win-win for us all. I’m glad I did it and am actually considering going skiing again. I may even brave the big bunny hill next time.