Over my Head or Ready for the Plunge?

I’m at a crossroads these days. I have my two kids home full time and between school and other activities I can say my day is full. A door has opened that leads me towards a huge goal that will very rewarding and help many young people. It will also take a lot of time and networking. Can I do both? Probably, but should I do it now as this door is open, or wait until the kids are older and hope that the door opens again?

The goal? I would like to start a foundation that provides help for survivors of abuse. I have a vision of group workshops that focus on (re)building self esteem and confidence. I see day camps and various programs to find fun and growth opportunities so these kids will see their own bright future and feel worthy of every success they are capable of achieving.

The reason I feel I need to start this foundation is because I haven’t found one that focusses on looking forward into a future that doesn’t require them to dwell on their past traumas. I understand that counseling and therapy is very necessary to healing but I’d like an environment created for healing purposes that may work in tandem with the formal therapy. A place where kids can move forward as young kids with many interests and goals, to feel safe and own who they have become. Finding a perspective of pride and self love regardless of past traumas. The strength, courage, resourcefulness and constant vigilance it takes to survive any sort of abuse should be recognized. A person can find an ability to find self worth BECAUSE of the resolve it took to get to where they are now. Nurturing a sense of self worth takes time and a positive attitude. It also takes strength to let the individual experiences go but keep the skills and character traits it took to come out on the other side of a bad situation.

In this upcoming week there will be an event in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that will be a dynamic opportunity to find specific direction and support for getting my foundation from a concept in my head to a solid reality.  In choosing to engage with the minds that will be in attendance at the Materializing Spirit event, I feel I should be prepared to follow through with the ideas and  information offered. I am not someone who wastes other people’s time.

February 2, 2011 may prove to be a very auspicious date for me. I may find the ability to achieve my goal to help many children that need a safe place to heal as well as continue to be a mom who is very involved in her kids’ social and academic progress. Can I be a hockey mom and a founder of a non-profit too? It’s an exciting and scary prospect that is definitely running my brain in circles these recent days.

I guess I’ll find out soon. Wish me luck.

If you’re in the Calgary area and would like some information on the event, Materializing Spirit- Universal Keys to manifesting Health, Wealth and Wisdom follow this link http://materializingspirit.eventbrite.com/ . Contact me and I can get you 20% any tickets you wish to purchase. Maybe connecting with positive, engaging people can help you achieve a goal you have in mind.  🙂