Personal Retreat- musings #1

I’m taking a week to myself.  I’ve created some space so I can explore the many energy shifts that I have been experiencing lately.  It would seem that I am ready to make some major changes in my life but holding myself back out of fear.  I’d like to take the work that I do here and expand it so that I can help others delve into aspects of healing and forgiveness on their journeys in this life.  My kids are getting older and I find myself with time to consider that I can be doing things for me now.  I can create balance and invest in my own joys as well as continue to be wife and mother.

I have enjoyed the uninterrupted silence.  My internal dialogue is not rushed or trying to manage a never ending task list.  At first this was unnerving.  I felt like I was “supposed” to be doing something.  I didn’t have a schedule or errands to run.  I decided that I would get out into the warm sun and hike along the river.  As I was heading there, the sun warmed my face.  I chose to no wear my sunglasses despite how bright the day was.  Feeling the sun on my entire face felt so good.  I also found myself wandering through the town on the way to the trail head but had obviously, as some point, choose to let go of my destination.  I simply wandered.  It got warm enough that I removed my coat and was in a tank top walking around in this lovely sunshine and listening to the various sounds around me.

The sucking noise as my boots took me down the muddy road.  I was well aware that this deep mud was not typical for this time of year and I thought the sound and feel of it very amusing.  The magpies were happily chatting while eating in a tree that I went under.  They just watched me as I went by.  There was some water moving through a sewer drain that made a very rhythmic and musical noise as it was hitting whatever was in it’s way in the pipe.  I actually thought someone was playing an instrument until I realized where the sounds were coming from.

I continued to meander through the streets and side trails and found myself circling back to the town centre.  I found my favourite store where I can find gems, jewelery and various soothing and healing items.  I was just intending to browse but found a lovely pendant made of Australian Jasper, also known as Mookaite. It’s absolutely beautiful with deep red and yellow colours.  I’m so glad I have it.  It feels good as it sits below my throat.

My walk was slow and quiet.  I thought I should hurry up and that way I could make of a workout out of it.  I am just not used to doing something for the simple pleasure of doing it.  I usually have a task or destination in mind to “accomplish” something.  I had to consciously relax and realize that I was accomplishing something. Something for me, something quiet, something just for me. image