Random memory

42 Days of Teresa- day 2

I remember one time I was walking home from school towards my house. I would have been in grade three or four.  As I was walking down the hill, I heard a vehicle coming and so I ensured that I was as far to the right as possible.  I lived in the country so it was a gravel shoulder just off the road itself.  I did hear the vehicle honk it’s horn so I stepped even more to the right just in case I wasn’t over far enough.  The pick up truck passed me and continued down the hill.

When I got home, I saw the same pick up truck in my driveway.  As it turns out, my dad was getting a ride home from a friend and the two of them were in the house when I got in.  My father starts telling me how glad he was that I didn’t look back at the truck when the horn honked.  He explained that only sluts look up when horns honk.  I was glad that it turned out that I passed this test even though I actually had no idea what a slut was at the time. (I’m not sure how many 8 year olds do. ) All I really knew was that I avoided getting in trouble simply by assuming I was walking too close to the road.