Solitude- where is it?

42 Days of Teresa- day 20

Since my husband got home from his 10 day business trip, I have realized how much I need a break.  I’m feeling burnt out.  I must carve out a time for myself to reground and get feeling engaged again.  Most of the time, I’m feeling great.  I love the balance I have created in my life.  Lately, I have felt that I have neglected myself a bit.  I need to fulfill the commitments I have made and then run away!  not really. There’s down time and then there’s the time I take to simply disengage from everything.  I have been spending too much time disassociating from my life for a “break”. It’s easy and no one worries about me.  I think I have to try harder to recognize the moments when I can get plugged back into me.  The time I have been spending writing again has reminded me how much I miss it.  I am grateful for that.  I’ll be expanding on this energy soon.