Surfacing Again

In recent months I had been struggling to keep my life together.  I become overwhelmed with anxiety and basically shut down emotionally so I could cope with the many changes to my schedule and task list in the late summer and fall.  I was totally disconnected from the things I was doing even  though they were all good things.

Getting my kids homeschooling schedule settled, their hockey and scouting groups settled and trying to keep myself in a healthy frame of mind was tough.  I ended up just moving through my task list without really feeling engaged in the moment.  Even as I recognized this in myself, I couldn’t figure out how to get centred again.  I accepted that I had to step back and get my mental health strong again before I could properly expect myself to write again.

When I would try to force myself to write or do anything creative it basically caused an anxiety attack as I felt so much pressure to write something “good”.  It’s not logical, I know.  It was just my reality.  At this point, I’m feeling better and can move this creative process connected and happy again.

I look forward to getting more active on here again.  I miss the writing and connecting with those that have been so wonderful and giving with their personal stories.  The subjects around sexual abuse have been tough on here lately but the response has given me so much courage to delve even deeper into them.  I’m learning a lot about myself and where I am on my healing journey.

I am deeply grateful to all of you for sharing your stories, commenting and supporting this blog.  The conversations will continue.  <3