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Learning to ski

Yesterday I had an opportunity to go to our local ski hill at Canada Olympic Park. It’s close, had some cool stuff going on and the kids were really excited to go. “Mom, are you going to ski?” asks both my 6 and 4 year old boys. “I don’t know how”, assuming this will get […]


A Random list of Happiness

-My kids giggling -Preparing a new dish and seeing my family enjoy it -Enjoying a quality glass of wine after the kids are asleep -Getting messages from friends I haven’t heard from in a long while -The smell of the mountain air -Seeing the mountains everyday and noticing all the daily changes -Watching my kids […]


I’m thinking about Home Schooling

My son has been sick lately. I kept him home from school for 3 days. We had lots of time to talk, relax together and talk about school.  He keeps asking to be home schooled. I’m not sure why,except maybe he’d like the looser schedule. We do seem to be very scheduled.  After having spent […]