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Flashbacks and Memories

**content may be disturbing. It’s graphic. Don’t read unless you’re in a strong place emotionally** I’ve been having moments within my recent days where specific instances of sexual abuse occurred. They used to happen very infrequently and when they did they made me quite upset for a while after. I simply couldn’t deal with the […]


Prague- One of the Best places I ever visited

I’m just reminiscing a little. Prague became the highlight of a trip to Eastern Europe in 2005. It was a place that you could be lost in and you would be happy about it. The architecture, atmosphere, the amazing bridges, the cobble stone roads… **sigh**


A Random list of Happiness

-My kids giggling -Preparing a new dish and seeing my family enjoy it -Enjoying a quality glass of wine after the kids are asleep -Getting messages from friends I haven’t heard from in a long while -The smell of the mountain air -Seeing the mountains everyday and noticing all the daily changes -Watching my kids […]