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Entitlement Card

I’m sure this is exactly what happens when concluding the sale every Mercedes Benz vehicle. This is purely based on random acts of Benz owners over recent years that have made me absolutely nuts.———> Congratulations on your new purchase. Here are you gold keys. Let me help you through some basic guidelines to owning a […]


Valentine’s Day

I believe in the value of not celebrating Valentine’s Day.  Not because I’m miserable or don’t want others to have happiness, but for the simple reason that I don’t like being told what to do!  Why is a date on the calendar some sort of reason to go out and spend hundreds of dollars, on […]



I think this post is for me today. I have a ton of things to be grateful for, the best of which is a strong, healthy family that invests in each other in every way possible.  There’s a lot of respect and growth and love here and these are blessings that I never take for-granted.  […]