The fastest attack of Sexual Abuse

** Warning ** Some of this content is graphic. It may have trigger issues for some. Please read this story if you are in a good place emotionally.

One night I was in my bedroom, by myself.  I’m guessing ten or eleven years old.  I think I was getting ready to go to bed for the night.  My door opened and my dad walked in.  He had just come out of the shower, so he was only wearing a towel.  He walked towards me and I sat down on the bed.  He remained standing and opened his towel and literally shoved his already hard penis into my mouth.  He clearly had prepared for this. I think it took 3 seconds for him to cum in my mouth.  He finished, didn’t even look at me, said nothing, and left my room.  As soon as he left, I went straight to the bathroom across the hall and spit out what was in my mouth.  I rinsed, brushed my teeth and went back to my room.  I continued to get ready for bed as if nothing had happened.  I think everyone else was home at the time.  I don’t remember the rest of the night in particular.  This particular memory is still easy to remember. It was nothing like anything else I had encountered with my dad before.  He was silent, fast and mean.  I remember feeling confused and a little shocked afterwards.  Actually, I’m still shocked.  Strangely, I hadn’t  thought of this particular moment in years.  It occurs to be me every now and then and I feel horrible every time.