Christmas is here.

What a whirlwind to have endured only to have so many wonderful rewards at the end. All the gifts are wrapped and the Christmas Eve dinner has been eaten and leftovers put away. I have to admit it’s been lovely knowing I won’t be traveling this season. Knowing that there are days in front of me that are virtually without any schedule at all. My calendar on the 23rd was absolutely blank. I can’t remember the last time I saw a blank date. It was wonderful! I stayed in my pj’s past noon and only do exactly what I had to. I didn’t try to fill the time with a bunch of errands and tasks. I enjoyed my time with the kids and chose to not even cook dinner that day. The holidays are certainly here.

I love that my kids are totally into Santa and the magic that he holds. They are full of beans and excited at the mention of Santa at any moment. The cookies and milk are out and an apple for Rudolph, as suggested by my 4 year old. They ran up the stairs to get into pj’s when asked and went to sleep without the usual drama and stall tactics. Yes! This is Christmas for us all.

With a glass (or two) of wine in hand, the presents are under the tree, the stockings are full and the kitchen is clean. I’m exhausted but also full of beans myself at this point. The kids will be up in about 6 hours and I have not doubt, will be inspecting the goods under the tree as much as their conscience will allow. I’m quite sure I’m in for an early morning. I don’t mind. I have enjoyed Christmas this  past couple of years. The magic of it all is alive and well in my kids and I’m happy to share in it with them. The decision to enjoy these moments has been a gift in itself.  I have purposely made time for only essential tasks and friends that either my kids or I have been missing. It’s been the roller coaster of fun and love. I’m very ok with that.

Tomorrow, the kids will wake up, wake us up and our day of magic and mayhem will begin. We get to enjoy the silly moments and each other’s company without the pressure of a schedule. We do have a dinner at my cousin’s on Christmas Day but it’s not going to make us feel like we have to rush through anything. We’ll be in our pj’s through brunch and post-present opening mess.

I can truly say that I feel blessed. Major changes are coming my way and I am sleeping well knowing that decisions were made intelligently and without emotional obligation. Our family is the most important thing to me and I do my best each day to represent the parent I feel my children deserve.

As the days grow longer now and I feel the future of my family being stronger and looking forward, I too, feel stronger and confident that I have done right by me and my family. I have had time to reflect on who I have become after all I’ve been through. Nothing has come easy to me and I have certainly not done anything alone. I have my own will and determination to get things done but I rely on a very select support system.

Thank you to all those who have known me since childhood and to those that I have recently come to know and love. Friends are the family we create for ourselves. I don’t know who said it first, but it’s true.  Be it in my day to day life, volunteer/parent commitments, Facebook, Twitter, out of province, out of country relationships, I love you all. No one is in my life or has past through it without bringing an opportunity for me to learn and grow. The things I love and don’t love about me are reflected in those I surround myself with. For that I thank you. My family thanks you.

Happy Holidays. May you all have joy and prosperity in your lives in 2011.