Unplugged and having Fun

I had the privilege of seeing Loretta LaRoche yesterday at the Power of Women event here in Calgary. She is absolutely hilarious but also very pointed in how absurd we have become in carrying our stress around like some sort of badge of honour. One of the best lines was, “Get off the cross, somebody else needs the wood!”
You’ve gained weight? You’re tired? You’re sooo busy? Aren’t we all! Accept where you are in your life at this very minute and appreciate it. You’re here and you have another day to contribute your own life NOW. Simple right? Yes, it is. Take some time to do a couple deep breaths, laugh a little (or a lot) and find ways to be able to let go of trying to control every aspect of your life. Turn off your computer, cell phone, tv. Let messages actually sit in your voicemail box for more than 5min.
080_Albano_d2_101101 by The Albano Clan
It got me thinking how narcissistic we have become with all this communication available to us. Are you really that surprised when you compulsively take yourself out of a perfectly good social situation to check an unread email only to realize it was spam? Did you think you HAD to check Right Now because someone else’s existence depended on your reply Right Now? Who are you anyway? What message did you just send those that you stepped away from to check that email? Possibly something like, “I’m less important than Anybody else on this planet since Anybody can call/email and get this person’s undivided attention”. What have we become to those closest to us if we can turn our back and go check our electronic devices rather than stay engaged with those REAL, LIVE people right in front of us? I have to admit, I’ve done this. I’ve been hanging out with my kids doing a puzzle, reading books, watching a movie and I got…. bored. It took all of 3.2min. I go to the office and check my email/facebook/twitter. How often has there been anything mind boggling that really required my immediate attention? Not very. More probably- never. I head back to my kids with my ego back in neutral knowing that no one’s sky is falling on my account.
As  much as  I love to be online, I have to remind myself that there are lots of far more important things to be doing offline.  Balance. Always back to that.  Go find someone to laugh with, relax with, and simply enjoy sharing a moment with. Go do that- now.
photo taken by  DQStudios for  The Albano Clan on Flickr.