What would you ask a Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor?

After a discussion last night, I thought about using my skills in facilitation and conversation to help engage people in discussing sexual abuse. I have always believed that if someone is intelligent enough to articulate a question, the very least I can do is answer it.

In thinking of blog post subjects, I find myself getting overwhelmed. Since I have no interest in trying to recall every individual sexual contact with my father, I was trying to think of overall issues. Sure I could talk about specific things that happened over and over again. My perspective on many things that occurred repeatedly changed a lot during the six years of abuse. My 10 year old innocence would be also influenced by school yard ignorance and an emotional shutting down that took years to undo. There are also issues that I plan to discuss related to my healing and recovery after I was no longer being abused.

Anyway, I’m just throwing this out there to see what happens. Would anyone ask me anything, even anonymously, if I told them I would answer? Let’s see.