Who Am I?

I wish I could go back and extract some of my moments of clarity from my internal dialogue.  I find these wonderful moments of peace and want to share how I came to my realization in a coherent way.

I’ve been doing some work with consciously connecting with the energy of my lower chakras lately.  Focusing on my place on this planet, who I am to those that I engage with, who I am to myself are primary topics to explore.  I have to admit, I’ve been struggling with these things over the last long while.  I have come to the simplest of conclusions that has brought me a lot of calm.

I don’t need the answers to all my questions right NOW.  I can let life pause for a while and enjoy what I do have and not worry about all the unanswered questions.  What is my purpose on this planet?  What path do I take to fulfill that purpose?  How do I integrate all the priorities in my life in a healthy, balanced way?  In desperately trying to answer these questions, I created unnecessary stress and found myself overwhelmed by constantly thinking I was missing something.  I have decided that these answers are probably not meant for me to know at this exact moment.  I have a bunch of ideas floating around in my mind but they haven’t gelled to form a cohesive plan or form.  That’s ok.  I have decided to be happy with this current reality.

I am enough.  I am an ever evolving, loving, open person willing to let things flow.  I have everything I need in this moment.  When I am meant to move forward I’ll see my path clearly and I’ll happily run down it full of life and purpose.