Why be Silent?

Do you ever wonder we are obsessed with distractions all the time now? It would seem that we are increasingly uncomfortable in silence. What realizations would we have if we could get comfortable with our own thoughts, feelings and the way our body feels when still. We continually look to tv, our phones, tablets or other outside ways to avoid what? ourselves? It has occurred to me that we are in a global state of transition. Information is being brought to us intuitively and we are more than a little freaked out about it.

I have found myself happily enjoying the parade of musings that go through my head. I don’t try to analyze it all, simply observe and wait to see where that brings me. I’m noticing a self-awareness and an ability to enjoy the moment. There is a wonderful healing and freedom that comes with simply engaging in life as it’s happening around me. That being said, I do find myself running to my next distractions too. The uncertainty of a process that simply moves from one moment to the next can be exhausting. I find that I can slow things down by flicking on a movie or something similar. Why do I need to do that? I think I get brought to a level of consciousness that I don’t know how to integrate into my day to day life yet. I find I think universally, but that doesn’t get the laundry done right? Wanting to embrace the infinite possibilities of what life can bring me and then panicking when the ideas start coming to me has been a very interesting process. I just have to get comfortable with the realizations enough to understand how to release what is no longer serving me. Energy shifts effect my entire body and I find myself tired and needing to simplify. I’m resisting an understanding that I already know but don’t want to see it yet.

In a quiet, calm space, free of distractions I feel so much love and expansion. I feel that I will be able to help so many people with what I have to share. I feel that I have a gift of healing. I would love to be able to connect to people and help them in their journey of self love and personal expansion. What does that connection look like? Where does that take me? I don’t know yet. I’m excited about it though.